Cannumo Case Study

City and location of client: Vilnius, Lithuania
Industry of the client: IT Services and IT Consulting

Business overview

Cannumo, a company based in Lithuania, working in the growing cannabis industry and is focused on launching its own line of CBD products. The main goal of the company is to remove the stigma around cannabis products and bring light to how safe and beneficial CBD products are.
Project team
Andrejs Sidoss
Illustrations, Graphic Design and Branding Visuals
Valeria Adamovich
UI and UX Design Webflow Development
Vadims Zhuks
Animations Motion Graphics
Alexandra Maksimova
Project Management

Objectives and perspectives

Cannumo’s main objective was to create a modern, user-friendly website that will reflect their business and style.

Cannumo came to Green Pixel with an unusual request - to combine visually interesting design solutions (but still rooted in the best practices of UX) with simplicity of usage for the website visitors. The website needed to appeal to the target audience of Cannumo - the open-minded and free-spirited crowd that is interested in using cannabis.

Cannumo’s request was a hybrid between art and a website. It required a custom approach to the project and attention to detail that only true artists can achieve - and we happily provided that!
Below is how an element of the landing page looks like. Despite these elements being a “boring” part of the website, the talented design team from Green Pixel still managed to make the designs stand out with the help of stunning custom illustrations.

Cannumo’s request was a hybrid between art and a website - a custom approach to their project and attention to detail that only true artists can achieve - and we happily provided that! Just take a look at some of the elements of the site at the end of the case study!

Our approach

Step 1
Understanding client’s requirements
We started with a full analysis of Cannumo's core brand values and conducted a stakeholder interview. During the first stage, Green Pixel’s project manager and designer collaborated with the client to get as much information as possible about the client requirements and expectations, taking into consideration everything: shapes, colors, client’s vision and goal of the website. 
Step 2
We understood that the main goal of the website is to make the customer buy the product. So despite making the website visually unique, our team knew that all of the elements, placements and layouts still needed to be based on UX and UI best practices. The team then went on to incorporate the visual identity requirements of the client. Custom, hand-drawn illustrations were created, animations were put into place and the website layout was created using the best practices of UI and UX creating a truly balanced look.
Step 3
The tool of choice for any websites we create is Webflow. This no-code platform allows our designers to have direct access to the creation process and make the end result as close as possible to the creative idea. Webflow eliminated our need for developers, and allows the designers to manage the projects hands-on to achieve a truly pixel-perfect result. Moreover, Webflow even allows clients to add edits themselves after the launch as they have access to the Front-end.
Step 4
Final touches and launch
The primary reason for the design being as stunning as it is (even after being moved to a web page!) is the fact that both the clients and Green Pixel design team were able to collaborate and work directly on the page, without coding or any tech knowledge.

Our entire setup (direct chat with Green Pixel’s team and Cannumo’s team) allows the client to have live access to whatever changes are being made on the website and wireframes, allowing them to send feedback and suggestions easily and quickly.

Moreover, for Cannumo we went above and beyond simply creating a website - we provided a full-stack service which included everything a client needs to launch a successful website:
  • Copywriting (this was an extra request from the client)
  • UI/UX
  • Custom, hand drawn animations
  • Illustrations
  • Web development


Based on the client request we created a UX/UI optimized website design for all of the website’s key elements. The website completely matched the client's expectations style wise and turned out to be the perfect combination between retro and modern, with stunning illustrations and eye-catching animated elements. Before the launch, we conduct detailed QA and check the adaptivity of the website - how it looks on all sorts of devices.

Again, an element that otherwise could have been overlooked - a simple explanation of business features, has been made eye-catching with the help of amazing illustrations

Final part of the process: Post Live

The landing page is live… What's next? GreenPixel takes great pride in the quality of the work we put out, and this carries even after the site is launched. The assigned project manager checks in with the client in order to make sure that the website is running smoothly.
We were pleased to work with GreenPixel. We have had two projects with different teams and the team dedicated to Cannumo was outstanding – professional, results orientated and always keeping us informed.

At the beginning of the process it took some time to fully understand our company’s vision, but the result ultimately was a reflection of our company’s true essence exceeding all of our expectations. The overall work flow process was intelligent and intuitive, the end product is a big success that our clients simply adore.
Mykolas K.
Founder & CEO of Cannumo
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