Best [no code] websites

As green pixel creates no-code websites, you might want to see examples of Webflow pages to find inspiration from when it comes to aesthetics design and layouts.

The benefits are: absence of coding, multi-functionality, putting design and user experience first, and creating custom design instead of boring templates.

Best no-code website examples

We’ve curated a list of Webflow websites that have great UX and modern design, so you could take a glimpse of how no-code websites can transform the digital part of your business.

Ashley Janelle

Ashley Janelle is a website/portfolio created by talented UI/UX designer, blogger and entrepreneur. Ashley manages website development, creates the website's color schemes, adds her portfolio to the website, and creates a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for its visitors. Inspiring, especially for those who have their personal blogs, products, portfolios!


DONÜTS invites visitors to the sweet and colorful Webflow website, which creates the impression of a never ending summer and vacation mood. Created by Will Robinson, a freelance web designer and developer, the colorful web design serves as a creative advertisement of his work. Visit DONÜTS and have a look at how your webpage could look like.


YaYa is a great example of showing the complex subject of the digital transformation of a mobile app and web development in some pleasurable and adorable way. Beautiful animations along with attractive colors and logos create a cozy atmosphere, gain the  attention of the customers, and define a brand’s identity.

Unusual Ventures

Unusual Ventures is a unique and modern early-stage firm that invests in both enterprises and consumer startups. Their website is full of graphics and innovative approaches—for example, a great-looking map for easier website navigation.

Oreo: The Playful Network

Oreo's The Playful Network is a great example of building social traffic with fun games and recipes. This website is a great UX example.

The Crown District

The Crown District is a good example of a website that is moving, attractive, and full of digitalisation. “Less text, more photos” is what could come to mind while visiting the website for the first time. However, it does not prevent the company from successfully presenting their ideas and values.


Dwellito is a user-friendly online platform for an easy and comfortable way to search for modular houses. The site design is minimalistic, based on a clear and simple layout.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors is a world-renowned, award-winning designer brand of luxury clothing and accessories that decided to build its website on Webflow, focusing on bright and large images.


Slite is a space for remote teams to collaborate and manage projects. Pay attention to the typography, ease of use, and crisp design while browsing the website.

Digital China University

Digital China University is a great example of the endless capabilities of Webflow with the proper CMS. Imagine a website that looks like a real university building. Can’t? Check out this website and see how it's done. Enjoy the UX aesthetics!


Meter helps companies save time and money with an all-in-one experience. Built on Webflow, the website shows animation effects with a clean, easy-to-navigate design.


Health-Ade is a company from California that helps people learn about their gut, listen to it, trust it, and fuel it right. As soon as you land to their website, you will be presented with 5 reasons why choosing Health-Ade means choosing the happier you—but also, about 100 reasons to build your website on Webflow, including simplicity, bright colors, and a snappy page.


Emma is a life insurance company based in Canada that decided to build a database of baby names on Webflow CMS to attract search engine traffic from their main customer base—new and expectant mothers.  Smart, isn’t it?

Boho Studio

Boho Studio can make you excited about their products by just visiting their website. The functional and, at the same time, simple and elegant interface will make you stay on the page longer and longer until you finally decide to make a purchase.